We're creating a social sharing and learning platform for beekeepers

A place for Beekeepers of all types to get together and share experience in the one place

About Hive Buddy

Hive Buddy is a social learning platform and intended to be a rich melting pot of beekeeping experiences and perceptions from and for every member, right from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are! It is not an opinion platform, rather a neutral base, which provides the opportunity to respectfully express personal views without fear of being judged.

Meet the Team

We are a team of passionate beekeeping advocates who want to create a thriving, vibrant community, where beekeepers come together to share their experiences of this amazing interest.
We are a bunch of Australian beekeepers with a lot of passion and an excitement to share beekeeping whilst learning together. 

What's on offer

Hive Buddy has the following main areas to engage in (PLUS MORE)

1. Our FREE community, a melting pot for everyone. With chat, free events and where you will be kept up to date with what else in on offer within Hive Buddy

2. Our Online Bee Club, a free club for anyone from anywhere to join and feel welcomed. Once a month we host a bee club meetup which is more like a show. It has a focus for Australian beekeepers however anyone can join in. We record all the shows so there's no need to worry if you miss the live shoe.

3, Our Beekeeper Mentorship groups, for those looking for that extra personal support through their beekeeping journey. These groups meet online twice a month with a skilled and relatable beekeeper.

and more...

So Why You Should Join Us?

Together we are building an experience sharing network for beekeepers. We all grow through sharing and listening (probably more so the latter). So come and find your people, learn, make friends and have fun.

Hive Buddy is a place to bring value to you and your beekeeping journey, to connect with the right beekeepers that support the way you want to move forward.

At Hive Buddy we recognise that many people are seeking knowledge and skills about beekeeping and it is tricky to find what you are looking for. This is a place to find your tribe of like minded beekeepers and start this journey with them.

We are not FaceBook! No more trawling through mindless rubbish to find what you want from your beekeeping network. Escape the tyranny of online thugs who want to make your learning hard with negativity and cheap put downs. That's not welcome here!

Oh, we should also say that trolling is not permitted but free speech is. Find your group of like minded beekeepers and preach as much as you like!

A Big Thanks

To the mentors and beekeepers who have helped seed this idea and to YOU, the fellow beekeeper (or future beekeeper) who is curious to learn more.

Get started with Hive Buddy, it's free...